European Capital of Culture

Bastia-Corsica 2028 intends to offer a genuine society project original and share the Corsican culture beyond its land and sea borders. With numerous artists and projects, encounters are created, cultural and human links with elsewhere are forged.

The Bastia-Corsica 2028 approach is part of a ideal of humanity and diversityThis makes Corsica the place of all possibilities, the ideal place to be a land of experimentation.
It is part of the path of a Europe that carries a dream of humanity and diversity.

The island territory wants to be the crucible of new utopias anchored in a singularity, a place of artistic production and innovation, open to the invention of new solidarities inter-island.

This creative dynamic is intended to be carried by and for Corsica, whether residents of the island or elsewhere. Culture is therefore the pillar of a fair, inclusive society, respectful of nature, advocated by collectives of artists, creators, associations, citizens, residents, researchers, traders, economic actors, elected representatives and local authorities.

The application Bastia-Corsica 2028 is the bearer of common values in a founding culture of equality, sustainable economic and social development, tourism and urban development, generating values of sustainable economic and social development, tourism and urban development, generating humanist and emancipatory values.

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Reinventing ourselves, imagining new shared stories to be written and lived together, such will be the challenge of Bastia-Corsica 2028.

The workshops of the moment

"Taking part: art, culture and social inclusion

16/09/2022 - IRA - Bastia

The place of art and culture in the public space, creation of new territories for art and participatory culture
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"Taking part: art, culture and social inclusion

08/07/2022 - Media library - Portivechju

Cultural rights: applying for cultural inclusion and transversality
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Taking part: art, culture and social inclusion

28/06/2022 - Aria - Olmi-Capella

Artistic, cultural and popular education at the heart of the bid
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A collective odyssey

Bastia-Corsica 2028 is keen to highlight various subjects, themes and objectives. It is through its Project Factory, a collective odyssey that supports the bidIt is the ambition of Bastia-Corsica to be an innovative project for the future, based on the values of knowledge and European and international openness.

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A dynamic application

which mobilises the whole of civil society. Bastia-Corsica 2028 is a real choral movement towards Europe, involving the whole of civil society.

The island has so much to offer Europe and the world, and so much to discover.