The adventure continues... anyway!

The jury did not shortlist us to represent France as European Capital of Culture 2028. The competition continues for Clermont-Ferrand, Bourges, Montpellier and Rouen.

Without concealing our disappointment, we would like to emphasise the extraordinary nature of the adventure we have lived together.

Emulation, collaboration and sharing: these are the key words we will remember.

More than a year of work and cultural strength to write a true plan for the development of culture, for Bastia and for the healthy island.

We can be proud of what we have achieved and the momentum we have built.

The work carried out and the projects developed, the mobilisation of artists, cultural and educational players as well as socio-professionals, residents and the diaspora are solid support points to reinforce the ambition that guided us during the preparation of the bid. 

If the competition has ended, Bastia-Corsica intends to continue on its momentum and to make this promising impetus for the development and influence of Bastia and Corsica bear fruit.

Vi ringraziemu di core pè u vostru sustegnu, u vostru impegnu è a vostra fede,

A truvà ci prestu per mantene u fiatu è fà sbuccà u sonniu!

A squadra Bastia Corsica