Cultura Capital Day! Programme for 5 June

After the candidacy of Bastia Corsica 2028, the focus will be on cultural innovation on June 5 at the Alb'oru cultural centre.

One could say that the adventure of Bastia Corsica 2028 came to an end on March 3rd when the
results came in and we learned that we were no longer in the running for the
European Capital of Culture.
This would not be entirely wrong; but it would not be true either.
Because if the competition has indeed ended, the diagnosis and the ambition that we had
to apply are intact.
More than ever, we need to develop our creative ecosystems; strengthen the
European cooperation in the artistic field and the emergence of an economy
More than ever, we need culture to strengthen the social bond that is too often
This is why the adventure continues and why we want to build on the work done
and maintain the momentum that has been created.
On 5 June, in Bastia, we are expecting you for a day of exchange, assessment and
perspectives. So that we can affirm together that in Corsica, culture is essential.
That it must be shared, radiate and innovate.
"E dumane chì ne serà?" si dumandava a ghitarra ind' a canzona di Diana di l'Alba.
Cum'ella, sapemu chì " Soli, soli ùn pudemu stà ". Cum'ella, duvemu sunà è avanzà ver'di u
rinnovu di a creazione.