European cooperation strategy

How can the region's cultural players make greater use of European cooperation programmes?

The jury's report justifying Bastia-Corsica's non-selection in the shortlist of candidate towns
s application for the European Capital 2028 label highlighted a structural deficit in European partnerships.
This observation is in line with another - the very low take-up of cooperation programmes by the
cultural players in the region - but does not reflect the desire often expressed by the players themselves
to open up, spread and exchange internationally.
Keen to build on the collective work accomplished as part of the bid, the Bastia
On 6 June, Corsica 2028 organised a workshop to clarify this apparent paradox: cultural players
would like to see more cooperation, but make little use of European cooperation programmes. And
contribute to improving effective cooperation practices.
This exploratory workshop provided an opportunity to discuss 4 objectives:

  • Mapping and characterising European programmes linked to culture.
  • Take stock of local expertise in terms of dissemination, awareness-raising and
    support for cultural players in mobilising European funds.
  • Draw up a list of the needs/fears of cultural players with regard to European programmes
  • Sketch out ways of facilitating the involvement of Corsican cultural players in the
    European programmes.
    The few elements of this report are a modest contribution to the necessary elaboration of a new strategy.
    a European cooperation strategy for cultural players.