Bastia European capital of culture 2028

In October 2021, the city of Bastia publicly applied for the European Capital of Culture for the year 2028 with the desire to extend this application to the whole of Corsica. Thus was born the Bastia-Corsica 2028 association. 

Just over a year later, we officially entered the competition by submitting our bid file on 2 January 2023 to the Ministry of Culture. 

As the cultural and intellectual capital of the island, Bastia wishes to play a key role in the a driving force at the level of CorsicaThis application aims to strengthen the links between all the island's territories in order to create a better network and structure an overall dynamic; to accelerate the social and economic transformations that our island needs; and to promote the development of the island's economy. to make our singularities shine on a European scale.

Our application is strongly based on the tangible and intangible heritage of Bastia and Corsica, in particular on the Riacquistu, at the same time as it projects itself towards tomorrow and elsewhere.

Bastia wishes to play a driving role on the scale of Corsica

A strong European dimension

It is a history of early political and democratic experiments, conquests, emigrations and immigrations, our history is at the heart of European destiny whose tragedies and hopes it espouses. 

Corsica, considered to be a " the Island of the Righteous "As the only French department where no Jews were deported or arrested during the Second World War, its values of hospitality and solidarity run through its history.

" Island of Beauty ", " Kallisté "The magnificence and richness of its natural and cultural heritage have dazzled many writers and artists who have inscribed it in the history of art and ideas. 

Our bid therefore has all the assets to promote cultural diversity and the humanist values of Europe, and thus arouse the interest of a wide European and international public.

Key dates

December 2021
Opening of the call for applications
December 2021
Year 2022
The project factory, our Odissea
Year 2022
2 January 2023
Submission of the pre-application file
2 January 2023
Week of 27 February 2023
Pre-selection of the 4 candidate cities
Week of 27 February 2023
December 2023
Submission of the application and selection of the city
December 2023

A universal culture

The islands are perceived by the mainlanders as natural colonies, just waiting to be subjugated, including culturally.
With this candidacy, Corsica is breaking away from its postcards and offering a unique cultural vision.

When Bastia becomes the European capital, everything is culture.
The island, like an immobile pirate ship, spreads its own vision of culture,
its interpretation of heritage, folklore and the Mediterranean as a whole. Through this city, a language and peoples radiate throughout Europe. Through this island, all the islands of Europe express themselves.

With this candidacy, Corsica is breaking away from its postcards and offering a unique cultural vision.

The pillars

Passing on culture

By choosing to renovate and adapt existing places, Bastia is making a modern choice. Our MUCEM will be digital and will reach out to all populations. Not a physical place, but audio and video content available 24/7 and above all free of charge.
Digital media through audio and video content is a new form of oral transmission. A modern tool to disseminate culture and involve the general public in the application.

A still boat

In 1964, Irish producer Ronan O'Rahilly saw his artists systematically rejected by English radio stations. So he decided to buy an old ferry and broadcast his own radio station from international waters.
Spreading culture from our immobile boat. A space of freedom to show what we don't see, what we don't broadcast. A floating, independent and creative laboratory to welcome talent from all over the world and to spread its influence over Europe. A vision of culture, art and openness on a European level.

A popular culture

When Jacques Tati arrived in Bastia in 1978 to film the popular fervour that animated the city on the eve of the UEFA Cup final, he was not making a sports documentary. He was filming a people who could turn anything into a cultural cultural object.
Bastia and Corsica as the vanguard of popular culture. Here everything becomes cultural and everything comes to life through artists and events. Once again, Corsica is reclaiming its culture and its territory thanks to its openness to the world and especially to Europe.