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Many features of Bastia's identity

This place in the world has given rise to many features of Bastia's identity. It has shaped its characteristic vocal repertoire, combining great Verdian opera arias, Neapolitan songs, popular tunes and the "cantu in paghjella in all its purity, the ultimate expression of this heterogeneous mix, like a transmutation that touches the sacred. 

It has also allowed the links with the Maghreb to be multiplied: from the barbaric traces to the modern social reality, with a strong community present on the island and an obvious proximity in the art of living.


Bastia is a protean geographical space which shapes its personality: a beautiful and singular place, in the image of Corsica, whose attractions have been described and praised in every way since Antiquity. This city and this land produce meaning, federate all the communities and generations that make up society and are the foundation of its past, present and future.

Here in Corsica, as elsewhere in Europe and in the world, the attachment to their land is deeply rooted in the islanders. In the seventies, art and creation naturally accompanied a cultural and ecological awareness while becoming its vectors.

Thus, during the Riacquistu period
The island's culture, which has been at the forefront of the rediscovery and reappropriation of age-old material and immaterial riches, has revived its tradition of diversity and mutual enrichment. Since then, it has never ceased to be in motion and is the expression of the deepest aspirations of an entire people.

Culture is in everything, irrigating every breath, every action, every inhabitant, every stone of this country.

From this abundance, popular and avant-garde talents have always emerged, contemporary creators who draw from this materia prima, their most beautiful achievements.

Reinventing ourselves, imagining new shared stories to be written and lived together, this will be the challenge of Bastia-Corsica.

Support the application

With this manifesto, we, the signatories, support Bastia-Corsica's candidacy for the European Capital of Culture 2028 label, express our desire to be fully involved and invite all those who wish to participate in this project.