Leaving an imprint

The expected metamorphoses of the bid and the long-term impacts
Università di Corsica - Corti

The application for the European Capital of Culture label is an opportunity to reflect on a new way of conceiving and implementing public policies in Bastia and in Corsica as a whole.

In particular, it will be a question of creating suitable working conditions for artists, both from the island and from the diaspora, in a permanent dialogue with the rest of Europe and the world, particularly with the neighbours on the southern shore of the Mediterranean.

Being involved in the Bastia Corsica 2028 bid is an opportunity to invent new models of intervention, to rethink artistic and cultural institutions, in more inclusive ways, in a social fabric where diversity is a cardinal value.

It should also invent a way to mobilise citizens, to create opportunities for encounters with heritage and art, with the possibility for each person to create his or her own path towards art and culture.

In the context of the innovation laboratory that the Bastia Corsica 2028 bid represents, what types of actions and programmes should be implemented? With what means and methods? What could be the main innovations to be deployed in Bastia and on the island? How can art and culture be infused into the various public policies?

To what extent can this candidacy leave a lasting mark on art and culture in Corsica?

What transformations does this application represent?

The speakers


Davia Benedetti

Davia Benedetti is a university lecturer, anthropologist and pioneer of anthropological research on dances and spectacular practices in Corsica. Through her work, she wants to create interactions between research, creation and pedagogy and open up transdisciplinary perspectives. She wishes to spread artistic culture within the University from the already existing artistic poles. It aims to open up innovative ways of expressing the Corsican identity through original and creative ways of adapting to contemporary changes and opening up to the world.


Pasqua Pancrazi

Composer from Bastia, Pasqua Pancrazi draws his influences from 80s sounds such as italo disco, new wave or Krautrock that he synthesizes under the pseudo "Valediction". Above all a free electron, he regularly puts his know-how at the service of other artists for whom he composes & arranges tracks. Co-founder of the DJ collective "LE DISKO", he has just created the Lake of Confidence label to distribute the fruit of experiments and exchanges with island, national and international artists.