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Representations of Corsica open to the world
Polyphonic Arts Centre - Sartè

Identity is a complex concept that is the subject of recurrent debate: it clearly raises the question of perceptions and representations of who we are, how we represent ourselves, how we feel we belong to a wider world and how we are perceived by others.

In Corsica, the approach to representations is a theme that resonates with the questions that run through society more widely, because of its geography and its isolated nature, insularity can favour endogenous schemes, which would be opposed to universalist views that would link Corsica to a wider world.

Between these two polarities, a median path can be drawn which is the one described by Mona Ozouf in French compositionA major work published in 2009: " In each of us there is a being convinced of the beauty and nobility of universal values, seduced by the intention of equality that animates them and the hope of a common world, but also a being bound by his or her history, memory and particular tradition. We have to live as best we can between this ideal universality and these real particularities" .

Beyond a binary vision, there are images to be questioned, identity, insularity, illegality, territory, imagination, fantasy, stereotypes....

How can Corsica promote a conception of identity within the framework of this candidacy that does not reduce it and does not lock it into determinisms but, as Wajdi Mouawad says: "a road, a path, that makes you and me a little bit alike".

Based on these questions, what narratives and elements of language should be developed to contribute to the "desire" for Corsica and to nourish the discourse of hospitality? How can a territorial marketing strategy be based on the cultural substrates of the society while developing the values of benevolence and openness to the other and to the elsewhere? What narratives should be constructed for the development of tourism strategies?

The speakers


Julien Angelini

Julien Angelini is a teacher-researcher at the University of Corsica in Information and Communication Sciences, having defended his thesis in the field of territorial intelligence and local development. His past experience as a manager of the digital communication of the city of Bastia also allows him to understand the image stakes of public authorities.


Julia Knecht

Julia Knecht is a soprano and a graduate of the Conservatoire supérieur de Musique de Paris. She already has a rich repertoire to her credit, and her performances have taken her all over France and many foreign countries. She has performed at the legendary Bayreuth Festival. She also collaborates with Olivier Cangelosi and has created the female chamber music trio "Les Nymphes". She attaches great importance to transmission and is an artistic teacher at the Centre d'art polyphonique Mission voix de Corse.

André Dominici

André Dominici is the singer in the group Barbara Furtuna, one of the island's most popular groups abroad. One of the group's ambitions is to open up an almost unique artistic path, refusing to be confined by clichés and stereotyped repertoires.