Taking (its) share

Mobilising and involving the inhabitants around Bastia Corsica 2028 or cultural rights in question.

While artistic and cultural practices are very widely shared, oscillating indifferently between learned and popular cultures, this integrating function of art and culture must become even more acute on the occasion of the Bastia-Corsica 2028 bid.

Inventing agile modes of action to to achieve an ideal of sharing and emancipation through art and culture for each and every one of its inhabitants, such are the ambitions of this application.

This dimension of the Taking (its) share The "city of the future" is one of the main lines of the matrix that unites the partners around the bid. It will have to be embodied in a transversal manner in the programmes to be developed in the future. deploy by addressing a number of issues:

  • How can the diversity of sensitivities and aspirations of the island's population be better taken into account?
  • How to engage citizens and what place should be given to participatory mechanisms?
  • What place for artistic and cultural education and popular education?
  • How can we reach different generations with very different cultural backgrounds?
  • How can the younger generation contribute to the enrichment of the application?

The Bastia Corsica 2028 adventure must contain a promise: that of bringing art and culture into the daily lives of the inhabitants of the city of Bastia and the island.

The stakeholders


Yolaine Lacolonge

Yolaine Lacolonge is head of the department of artistic and cultural educational action within the Collectivité de Corse. She previously held similar positions in the audiovisual, cinema and moving image department of the CdC and in the General Directorate of Culture and Heritage of the city of Ajaccio. His different functions give him an expertise in terms of knowledge of audiences and cultural practices in Corsica.


Robin Renucci

Robin Renucci is an actor and director. He is the founder and President of ARIA. He is director of the tréteaux de France. He also chairs the association of national drama centres and has been a member of the High Council for Artistic and Cultural Education since 2017. A fervent supporter of popular education, Robin Renucci defends a vision of art and culture as a vector of emancipation open to all.